Alizeti Dual Swappable Battery System

The Alizeti 300C battery system has been designed with flexibility and adaptability in mind. The dual swappable batteries allow the rider the choice of having either more range or a lighter ride depending on their requirements. The urban cyclist that requires less range my choose to only insert one battery and still have a 32 km / 20-mile range which is sufficient to get to work or to run any of your local errands.

When using only one battery the weight of the system is reduced by 2.5 pounds or 1.13kg for a lighter nimbler ride. Cyclists that enjoy longer treks still have the option of inserting a 2nd battery unit to increase the overall rage to 64Km or 40 Miles.

The added advantage of a dual battery system is the ability to reduce the overall cost of the system. Since battery units are still typically quite expensive having the option to use a single battery and upgrade later lets you enjoy the Alizeti e-bike system without having to spend additional money on supplemental battery power that may not be required.

The Alizeti 278 Whr battery pack is rated at 11.6 Ahrs and 24V and weighs only 1.4 kg (3 lbs.), is compact, easy to carry and recharge. Users can typically expect a range of 30-45 km (20 to 28 mi) on a single charge, depending on the above-mentioned factors. Considering that most everyday e-bike rides are less than 10 miles (16 km), a single battery is usually enough for most.

The Alizeti 300C features dual removable batteries and riders can double their distance and achieve a range of 60-90 km (40-56 mi) with assistance. Adding a second battery for longer distances or charging their battery at work or destination for the return trip home is a simple and practical solution.

In general, the charging time of a battery will depend on the capacity of both the battery and the charging rate of the charger. The Alizeti 278 Whr battery will take 5 hours for a full charge if the battery is fully depleted, and only 2.5 hours, from a 50% state-of-charge, with the compact 50W charger.