Alizeti System Head Unit

At first glance, the Alizeti 300C e-bike conversion kit may appear basic, but there is so much more than meets the eye when it comes to this e-bike conversion system, including the discrete yet purposeful design and functionality of the 300C’s system controller. You can view a video quick overview of its functions here:


The Alizeti 300C’s system controller brings access to a wide variety of features and functions directly to a rider’s fingertips. Handlebar real estate is precious, and our controller allows riders to optimize it by including many useful features into this neat little package.


Aside from increasing or decreasing the level of assistance, the controller has an integrated horn, regenerative charging, rain mode, and an integrated pulsing be-seen light, which most e-bike system controllers do not include.


The Alizeti 300C’s system controller LED display is sunlight-visible so riders can clearly and quickly view their display, which shows their selected level of assistance and will also indicate which mode is being used. When the system is off, the controller display has a dead front. It’s seemingly blank faceplate closely resembles a simple bicycle odometer and will draw little attention to it when the bicycle is parked.