What is the Alizeti 300C e-bike system and how does it work?
The Alizeti 300C system is a patent-pending propulsion technology that combines a brushless motor and a specially designed friction roller to drive the rear bicycle wheel using a sophisticated automatic anti-slip and pressure control system. The result is a powerful yet lightweight pedal assist e-bike system that works in all weather conditions. The smooth-feeling drive system produces no ‘cogging’ effect and can be automatically lifted off of the tire when the motor is turned off, without having to dismount the bike.

Can I install the Alizeti power system on any bicycle?
Our Alizeti 300C is designed as an all-in-one e-bike conversion system that allows for quick installation on almost any bicycle with smooth running tire treads. The Alizeti 300C can be installed just like a rear bike rack in just a matter of minutes. No special tools required and no parts of your existing bike need to be replaced.

Can I buy your products outside of Canada, North America?
Not yet as we are establishing regional points of service and support which is very important to us. Currently, we only ship to Canada, and the USA.

Do I need a license for an e-bike?
E-bike laws are different in different cities. No license is currently required to ride an e-bike in Canada but it is best to check your local city bi-laws to be sure.

Do I require insurance to ride an e-bike?
E-bikes are considered “Power Assisted Bicycles” so no insurance is required.

Where can I buy an Alizeti e-bike system?
Alizeti bike systems will be available for purchase in our online store.

Who can I contact in case of questions regarding the product, order, or payment?
Please contact our support team directly at customer.service@alizetibikes.com with any question you may have.

Is the system controller wireless?
The system controller is connected to the motor via a cable. The unit controller is wired but does not require any battery.

How long does it take to install the Alizeti 300C?
The Alizeti 300C can be installed in as little 30 minutes.

Do I need any special tools to install the Alizeti 300C?
We designed the Alizeti 300C to be very easy to install. No special tools other than a wrench, and a T20 & T25 security bits that are shipped with the system.

Can I use the same Alizeti power system with two different bicycles?
Yes, thanks to the modular design of our system, the drive unit can be easily interchanged with as many different bicycles as you wish. Optional attachment brackets are available is required.

Does the Alizeti power system meet the legal requirements of road traffic regulations?
Yes, the Alizeti system was designed to meet the legal requirements of typical road traffic. Be aware that local laws are always being updated and you should check the local road regulations in your area to be sure.

Do I have to bring my bike to a bike shop to have the installation done?
The Alizeti e-bike system is designed to be an easy conversion solution that can be assembled by the customer quickly and easily. Assembly requires no special skills or special tools. You should typically allow 30 minutes for assembly. Installation time may vary depending on the bicycle.

How far can I go with the Alizeti Power Drive?
The rated distance with one battery is 20 mph or 32 km/h. On two batteries the rage is 40 mph or 64 km/h. The actual distance may vary depending on a few physical factors including pedaling power of the cyclist, steep terrain, and weight of the cyclist. However, full-day riding is possible with only one battery charge. Since Alizeti adds no additional friction, distance can be extended by using the motor selectively to overcome hills or terrain only where more assistance is required.

Can I ride without pedaling at all?
The Alizeti e-bike system will only provide electric assistance when pedalling or you can choose "Throttle boost Mode" so you can get a boost in speed while pedalling. The rider must pedal to get electric assistance. For safety, the unit will not provide electric power unless the rider is pedaling.

Does the friction roller work in the rain or on wet roads?
Yes, the Alizeti 300C incorporates a specially formulated friction roller & special rain mode to optimize maximum power transfer even in wet conditions. Visit the Alizeti YouTube channel to see the unit in action in wet and snowy conditions.

Do I need to remove the entire system when I want to ride my bicycle "normally"?
No, the Alizeti 300C can be automatically disengaged so you can enjoy riding your bike normally with no electric assistance even when the system is off or the batteries are depleted. The system can be disengaged automatically without having to stop or get off your bike.

Are special tires required with the Alizeti 300C?
For maximum friction transfer, we recommend that smooth tread tires be used with our system. Smoother tires will allow for a quieter ride and are better suited for most urban areas. Our e-bike system is also compatible with a tire from 26-29 inches.

How much does a full battery charge cost?
Fully charging your batteries typically costs about 3 cents. Actual costs may vary depending on electricity rates in your area.

How long does it take to charge the battery?
A full charge typically takes 5 hours with a level one charger.

Does the battery recharge during braking?
Yes, the Alizeti 300C takes full advantage of regenerative braking when engaged to help extend the charge of your battery when riding.

Can I use more than one battery?
Yes, we have designed our system to be able to use one or two batteries simultaneously so the rider can determine the best combination for his or her distance and ride requirements. For longer distances, a second battery can be added and for shorter rides, only one battery can be used which will allow for less overall weight. Batteries can be inserted without any tools.

How many charge-cycles can the battery take?
The battery cell manufacturer guarantees 500 full charge-cycles. But because the battery is rarely completely discharged and recharged, this number increases significantly.

How do I store and maintain the battery optimally during storage?
When the battery is not going to be used for a longer period, e.g. during the winter months, you should charge or discharge the battery to half capacity and store it in a cool place. Self-discharging of the battery is considerably lower than with conventional rechargeable batteries. However, you should verify the charge status every three months and recharge it to half capacity if required.

Will the battery charger operate on an input voltage of 220/240 volts AC, or is it for 110 volts AC only?
The Alizeti battery charger will operate on 220/240 volts AC as well as 110 volts AC, 50-60Hz.

Will my tires get worn quicker with the Alizeti system?
The Alizeti system causes very little increased wear on the bike tire under normal use because of our advanced electronic anti-slip algorithms.

Do I need special brakes for the Alizeti 300C?
Any bikes brake system will work with the Alizeti 300C, however we do recommend inspecting your brakes to be sure they are working optimally before using the Alizeti 300C to ensure optimum riding safety.

What warranty does the Alizeti 300C have?
Alizeti offers a limited one (1) year warranty period for all parts of the Alizeti 300C and a (2) year limited warranty on the batteries.

What kind of regular maintenance is required for the Alizeti 300C?
The Alizeti 300C is designed for very low maintenance due to the high-quality components used. The only regular maintenance required would be to replace the drive wheel once it wears out and to replace the drive belt which should be replaced about as frequently as you replace the tires on your bike.

What is the difference between pedal assist and power boost?
Pedal-assist commonly refers to an e-bike that has multiple assistance levels and provides power as the cyclist pedals. Pedal boost refers to a manual type of assist where the cyclist presses a button located on the motor controller to get extra assistance from the motor. Pedal boost mode stops automatically when the cyclist stops pedaling.

Is the Alizeti system water-resistant?
The Alizeti system can be used in all weather conditions including rain but caution should be taken as with any electronic equipment so exposure to moisture is limited whenever possible. The unit can be cleaned with a damp cloth but should not be pressure washed.