The Alizeti limited warranty covers a two (2) year period commencing the date of purchase (“Warranty Period") for all parts of the Alizeti propulsion system(s) ("Alizeti Products') in accordance with the following terms.

  1. This warranty solely covers the Alizeti Products provided and does not cover any bicycle components provided by other bicycle manufacturers that are combined with the Alizeti Products.

  2. This warranty covers the repair and/or the replacement of Alizeti Products provided that such Alizeti Products warranty is claimed within the Warranty Period and also provided that the claim is not related to any excluded claims set out in Sections 11 and 12 under this warranty.

  3. This warranty only covers material and manufacturing defects. It is only effective with a valid proof of purchase consisting of the original purchase document or receipt indicating the date of purchase, the serial number, the customer's name and the designation of the system model. Alizeti reserves the right to reject the coverage of this warranty if the accompanying documentation of the Alizeti Product is not accurate or complete.

  4. In the case of a warranty claim, Alizeti undertakes to either repair faulty Alizeti Product components and/or to replace such components, at Alizeti's discretion (Service Replacement Unit).

  5. Warranty repairs have to be exclusively performed by Alizeti or authorized Alizeti dealer. Any system or component to be repaired under the framework of this warranty has to be returned to Alizeti or an Alizeti authorized dealer at the customer's own expenses and risks. After the completion of such repairs the system or component will be returned to the customer by Alizeti or will need to be picked up by the customer at the authorized dealer. In the case of valid warranty claims, Alizeti reserves the right to bear or repay transportation expenses.

  6. Costs for repair work performed in advance by persons who have not been authorized by Alizeti will not be reimbursed. In such a case, any warranty claim will be ceased.

  7. Repair work and/or replacement of components during the warranty period does not lead to an extension and/or a new start of the warranty period. Repair work and direct replacement during the warranty period may be performed with functional replacement components of equal value.

  8. The Alizeti warranty covers battery/cell pack replacements if the battery/cell pack does not provide at least 60% of its initial capacity in the course of normal use provided that such warranty claim is brought within the Warranty Period or within 500 charging cycles, whichever event occurs first. Warranty battery claims will not be accepted if damage is a result of improper use or handling as outlined in the Alizeti User Manual.

  9. Warranty claims will not be accepted by Alizeti for damages due to the following reasons:

    1. Any damages caused by external influences, (including without limitation, collision, accident and other external events with an immediate external effect due to mechanical powers);

    2. Purposeful and/or malevolent acts, theft and robbery as well as natural hazard events and/or acts of mischief;

    3. Inappropriate use, (including without limitation the Alizeti Product being exposed to water or other liquids, chemicals of any type and/or extreme temperatures, wetness and humidity and/or if the battery suffers damages due to non-compliance with the special instructions set forth in the chapter "Handling and Charging of the Battery" in the user's manual.

  10. In addition to the foregoing, warranty claims will not be accepted by Alizeti due to the following Conditions: 

    1. In the case of test, maintenance, repair and replacement work due to normal use performed by an unauthorized individual;

    2. If the model, serial or product number on Alizeti product has been changed, deleted, blurred or removed. The seal and/or the serial number decal on the battery housing has been broken or obviously manipulated;

    3. In the case of use of a battery in systems that are not approved for such use with this particular product;

    4. In the case of the operation of the Alizeti Product with batteries other than the batteries designed for the Alizeti Product (refer to user manual); and If the Alizeti Product is used solely or in conjunction with other parts or components for a commercial use or any other use that is not for personal, private enjoyment.

    5. Failure to do maintenance according to our service schedule will void the warranty.

  11. This warranty only covers the above-mentioned repair work and/or the replacement of defective or compromised Alizeti Product components. It does not cover repair or replacement that is due to normal wear and tear. It excludes any claims as to the reimbursement of property damages, downtimes, expenses for renting or leasing equipment, travel expenses, lost profit or any other claims. Alizeti liability in connection with this warranty is limited to the respective acquisition value of the Alizeti Product that is subject to such warranty claims.

  12. This warranty only covers original Alizeti components. The use of spare parts from unknown sources, for example, replacement parts from third parties, is strictly prohibited.

  13. Warranty will be voided on any Alizeti Product if such Alizeti Product has been opened, modified or tampered with or if there has been any modification or tampering with the any hardware or software included in the Alizeti Products.