The FREE Alizeti Mobile App

The Alizeti UbiMobil app turns every iPhone and Android mobile phone into a sophisticated cycling computer. Designed specifically for use with the Alizeti 300C e-bike system, the app displays every detail of your ride. You have instant access to your cycling speed, trip distance, cadence, battery level, power consumption, assist level and more. It can also control your streaming music as you ride.

Mapping out your route is easy with its seamless integration with the Strava TM app. so you can track and analyze your ride information anywhere, anytime.

A key difference between the Alizeti app and other cycling apps is that it also lets you to easily install system updates for the Alizeti 300C in just seconds. This means that you will always have the latest and greatest software running your Alizeti e-bike system.

You can take full advantage of any new features, functions or add-ons we add to it down the road with a simple click of a button.